Hand-made Chocolate Truffles and Pralines


Enrobed in luxurious dark, milk, or white chocolate,

the exquisite filling delights the senses with an incomparable taste experience.

Each ganache strikes a chord of supreme velvety harmony.


Handgemachte Truffes und Pralinées


What distinguishes Bachhalm truffles and pralines

is their home-made, strikingly tender yet incomparably crisp chocolate shell, as well as their unforgettably gentle smoothness.

Praline by praline, they are lovingly hand-rolled and hand-decorated -

- deliciously varied manifestations of Johannes F. Bachhalm and his confectioners’ creativity and passion.


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It thus comes as no surprise

that Bachhalm truffles and pralines have won multiple national and international awards.

Bachhalm Truffes und Pralinées