The chocolate creations of Johannes F. Bachhalm...

...are more than the perfect symbiosis of the finest ingredients.

It takes the loving craftsmanship of the Mâitre Chocolatier, his profound knowledge and his pure passion to create the unique chocolates.



Bachhalm Schokoladenmanufaktur

European and World Champion

Bachhalm Auszeichnungen

Johannes F. Bachhalm received numerous national and international awards.


In 2009 and 2010 Johannes F. Bachhalm was granted the Superior Taste Award respectively the Monde Selection Gold Quality Award in Brussels and became European and World Champion for his selection PUR chocolate (PUR Peru 2009 and PUR Peru 2010).


In 2011 he was awarded the Silver Medal by the Academy of Chocolate, London, for his Cuvée dark mint chocolate.

Bachhalm delivers worldwide!

Also to selected international stores and European royal households.


Bachhalm Weihrauch Schokolade

Bachhalm chocolates are well-known by chocolate connoisseurs not only in Austria but all over the world.


Bachhalm chocolates are available at selected international stores, e.g. Feinkost Käfer in Munich, KaDeWe in Berlin, Meinl am Graben in Vienna, GUM in Moscow, Globus in Switzerland, Isetan in Tokyo, Scala Shopping Center in Milan and Dean & De Luca in Kuwait and Qatar.


Johannes F. Bachhalm is purveyor to European royal households and to Pope Benedict XVI, for whom he created the famous incense chocolate.

Truffles and Pralines

Multiple Gold Awards!

Bachhalm Truffes und Pralinées

Bachhalm’s sumptuous chocolate truffles and pralines are worth their weight in gold. Both the Truffles Selection and the Gentlemen’s Selection have won multiple Gold awards at the International Chocolate Truffles Competition.

The highest quality of ingredients

Connoisseurs of choice chocolates treasure the certitude of enjoying only the highest quality of ingredients. Authentic components, carefully selected and lovingly crafted - that is Bachhalm Choco Culture’s creed.


Criollo, Forastero, Trinitario - it is only the daintiest varieties of cacao from the best regions ten degrees north and south of the equator that are selected by Maître Chocolatier Johannes F. Bachhalm.


The unique Bachhalm mellowness is achieved by allowing up to 72 hours for the conching process.

Hand-made gourmet chocolates and pralines

It is not only the supreme ingredients and our confectioners’ inventiveness that distinguish our hand-made gourmet chocolates and pralines. It is also the exceptional passion that goes into their making.


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